Our Story

Our founder, Gertrude M. Agbozo, takes immense pride in her Ghanaian and Liberian heritage, as well as being a Jersey girl. She was raised by a single mother in Liberia and New Jersey, U.S.A. At an early age, Gertrude experienced the grief of war and the challenges of poverty. She was lucky to be born to a mother who respected her personhood from day one, and was empowered by a loving community. All this made Gertrude an eternal optimist, who believes at her core, we should all thrive! From that spirit, My Self-Care Mart and the TrudieAF brand were born. We are a social enterprise.

At My Self-Care Mart, we believe that you should invest in yourself every day--because so much is riding on your self-love. Our mission is to build a movement grounded in love, authenticity, resilience, and community. We are a small but motivated social enterprise specializing in products that help you treat yourself. We share the joy of African, and nature-inspired prints, through the TrudieAF brand.

As we grow this movement, we’ll give back! Currently, 3% of all sales are donated to the African Wildlife Foundation and World Central Kitchen. In the next three years, we want to increase our giving to 25% of our resources (technical expertise and profit) to organisations supporting people and the planet. 

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My Self-Care Mart Team